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Is looking for your website online a little like looking for a lost sock?

Google Search Engine Marketing

Things Have Changed


Before Google became a money making machine, a Google search would show websites related to the search topic, if the site was optimized. The better the optimization, the higher the ranking. Reaching page 1 was not that difficult and companies did not have to pay to get there. This is called an “Organic” placement.

Then money became the motive, and many page 1 organic search results were replaced by paid Google Ads. Over time, these ads have taken up more and more of the first page. There used to be 7 organic listings below a map, which has now narrowed down to only 3 (though there is a more button).


To make matters worse, depending on where you are physically located when you do a search, your prior searches, and which device you search from, search results will be different. They could even vary if done from the same device at the same place. This creates a real challenge for any company with a web presence. How do potential customers find you?

While this sounds like terrible news, there are some actions that can be taken.

How Simple Elegant Websites can help

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An optimized website from Simple Elegant Websites will help search engine rankings, but it is only half the battle. Ranking even higher in Google involves further steps beyond web design and can easily cost thousands of dollars (or a high monthly charge).

To help our clients avoid these charges, we have compiled the best internet marketing resources and created a simple short manual that anyone can easily follow to aid in their efforts to improve rankings.
Our clients receive the manual free of charge and we give them an overview of the steps. We also provide further hands on help getting clients signed up with Google My Business.

If you don't want to take our manual’s steps, online marketing companies are available at charges discussed above. Prices will vary depending on the company.

One caution: no matter which way you go, taking our steps or hiring an online marketing company, no one can guarantee search engine ranking placement….not even the people who work at Google! (with the possible exception of Google Ads)

That said, taking these steps will still help. Further, see the “Bottom Line” below for more tips!

Social Media and Google rankings

google marketing social media
A social media presence can help boost Google search engine rankings in the following ways:

Any links from a social media site to your website does count as a backlink (link to your site), which will help.
Your site could show up in more search engine results.
If you (and your company/brand) are out and about in the world of social media, it can help get your brand out there.
A social media presence could boost your credibility on a topic.

Social media sites are also search engines. When your potential customers do a search for your product/brand/service on, for instance, Facebook, do you show up.

If you want to incorporate social media into your web presence plan, we recommend seeking out companies that directly specialize in social media marketing. We also can connect you with Social Media specialists.

Bottom line: what you can do

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1. Have a professional website built that is optimized to make Google happy.
2. Create a Google My Business account (we help our clients do that at no additional cost.)
3. Ask your customers for reviews (our manual gives more detail on this.)
4. Use our manual to help your rankings, or enlist the aid of an online marketing company.


5. Buy a Google Ad (which is pricey).
Note: You would have to contact Google for that.
6. Participate in social media.

Further, don't solely rely on a "if you build it, they will come" philosophy. The World Wide Web is more like the Wild Wild West.
You have to get out there and spread the word about your goods or services in as many ways as possible, both on and offline.

Offline examples would be: join local networking groups, Chambers of Commerce, try to get local small circulars to do a story on your product/service, etc. But, be sure to have a website in place before taking any of these steps. If any of these local resources link to your website, that will help your Google rankings.
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